Recognizing National Volunteer Week

This year National Volunteer Week is taking place from April 21 to 27, 2013 and provides us with the opportunity to recognize the efforts of those who give up their time to help others.

Volunteer weekIn an age where schedules are busy and time seems to pass faster than ever, it can be hard to find a spare moment even for ourselves. This is why celebrating the efforts of volunteers is so important. Volunteers who donate their time in Halton help to provide programs and services that support our communities and residents.

Did you know there are an estimated 13.3 million volunteers offering up their time across Canada? This adds up to 2.1 billion hours of gifted time.

When attending an event or seeking assistance, volunteers are often the first faces we see when we arrive and the last ones we see when we leave. Their tireless efforts serve as an invaluable resource to the initiatives they are a part of and I am proud of the attention they bring to the non-profit sector.

In Halton, volunteers are everywhere: assisting with Services for Seniors, working with the Halton Breastfeeding Connection and helping out at the Halton Regional Museum. To find out more about volunteer opportunities in Halton, please visit to find an initiative that speaks to you.

Halton Region appreciates the efforts of all volunteers and the support they provide within our communities. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all volunteers across Halton, the province and our country for their community involvement and passion for helping others. Your efforts ensure that Halton remains a great place to live, work, raise a family and retire.

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Working with community partners to keep Halton residents safe and healthy

On December 5, Halton Region donated three decommissioned vehicles to local St. John Ambulance branches. The St. John Ambulance Burlington branch received one decommissioned ambulance and one decommissioned emergency response unit (ERU). The St. John Ambulance Oakville-Milton & Halton Hills branch received one decommissioned cargo van.

Over the past few years, Halton Region has donated a number of decommissioned emergency vehicles to local St. John Ambulance branches. Our ongoing partnership is a great way to make the most of existing resources and provide continued service to the residents of Halton.

At the donation event, I was pleased to meet a number of the hardworking people who dedicate their time to improving the health and safety of Halton residents. Many of these folks are volunteers for St. John Ambulance and they support hundreds of public events and commit over 10,000 hours of medical first aid coverage and service each year in Halton.

Among other important community services, the people at St. John Ambulance train over 140,000 Ontarians in first aid and other health care related courses each year. As our community continues to grow, it is important that we recognize and support organizations like St. John Ambulance.

Chair Carr with St. John's Ambulance

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