The 2018 Halton Region Guide & Waste Calendar is here!

Find your weekly collection dates and get helpful waste reduction tips

waste1On behalf of Regional Council, I am pleased to present the 2018-2019 Halton Region Guide and Waste Collection Calendar. Check your mailboxes this week for your copy of this year’s calendar.

The annual guide and calendar is your resource to understanding waste management services in Halton and the programs Halton Region has to offer, including:

  • weekly collection dates from February 2018 to January 2019;
  • tips and resources about how to reduce waste and what waste materials are accepted each week;
  • services offered at Halton Waste Management Site;
  • programs and services available to residents and businesses; and,
  • information on the priorities of Regional Council and the 2015-2018 Halton Region Strategic Action Plan.

At Halton Region, we want to make sure that you have options to make managing your waste and using programs like the Green Cart and Blue Box as easy as possible. In addition to the calendar, there are a variety of online tools and resources available to make it easy for you to reduce waste at home and in the community. Visit or download the OneHalton app to:

  • sign up for weekly waste collection reminders that are sent right to your mobile device;
  • access landfill information and fees;
  • sort your waste using the Put Waste In Its Place tool;
  • schedule metal or appliance pick-ups; and
  • order yard waste labels and garbage bag tags.

Achievements in waste reduction

Last year, the Halton Waste Management Site celebrated 25 years of providing residents with reliable and convenient waste management services. Over the years, we have madewaste2 important investments in waste reduction technology, improved our curbside waste collection services and have seen a real commitment from residents to reduce waste at home and in the community. Through our shared commitment, we have helped extend the lifespan of the landfill from 2012 to 2044–30 years longer than expected. This has saved taxpayers more than $15 million by deferring the significant costs associated with building a new site.

Through your continued participation in the Green Cart, Blue Box and landfill programs, our community continues to come together to protect and enhance the natural environment for future generations. Together, we can help keep Halton a great place to live, work, retire and raise a family.

To learn more about waste management in Halton, please visit, download the OneHalton app or follow us on social media for useful tips and reminders.

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Another year as one of Greater Toronto’s Top Employers

I am pleased to announce that Mediacorp Canada Inc. has once again named Halton Region as one of Greater Toronto’s Top Employers for 2018! This award distinguishes us as an industry leader offering progressive working environments that promote the growth and engagement of our employees.

We have received this award for the last seven years, and it has become one of our most important recurring achievements. Our team delivers essential programs and services to residents—Regional Council has a strong relationship with Regional staff, and we recognize that our team is the foundation of our success.

As a value-based organization, we deliver exceptional public service through collaboration and continuous improvement. Our positive and supportive work environment is defined by our commitment to employee recognition, well-being and professional development.

Halton employees can also take pride in the knowledge that their work supports local individuals, families and businesses and enhances the quality of life in the community.

Another of Halton’s strengths recognized by this award is our commitment to hiring emerging talent and helping young people launch their careers. Next month, Halton Region will post opportunities for the 2018–2019 Internship and Apprenticeship Program. This initiative allows recent graduates to gain paid, meaningful experience in their fields by supporting and enhancing Regional programs and services.

The 20 interns who joined us in 2017 have already contributed to strategic projects, learned from seasoned professionals and developed skills that will help them succeed in their careers. We look forward to providing similarly positive experiences to a new group of high-performing young people this year.

Candidates must be eligible to work in Canada and have graduated (or will graduate) with a recognized post-secondary degree, post-graduate certificate or diploma between January 2017 and June 2018. To learn more, visit

Halton is a great place to work, and I would like to thank all Regional employees for their service to the community and earning us another year as one of Greater Toronto Top Employers!

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Season’s greetings from Halton Region!

Chair's social media- Facebook1

On behalf of Halton Regional Council, I would like to extend my best wishes to everyone in Halton this holiday season. This is a wonderful time to gather with family, friends and neighbours to celebrate traditions, create new memories and reflect on everything we are fortunate to have here in Halton.

Whether you are a resident spending the Holidays at home or visiting us from another community, there are plenty of fun things to see and do in Halton! Visit any of our four municipalities—Burlington, Halton Hills, Milton or Oakville—to discover family-friendly activities and events. Explore all Halton has to offer, from breathtaking natural landscapes and winter hiking to quaint downtown cores and fantastic local shopping, restaurants and more.

Our essential and 24-hour Regional services will remain available during the holidays. If you require assistance from Halton Region during this time, please visit or call 311. Some public facilities will be closed from 4:30 p.m. on Friday, December 22 until 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, January 2. To learn about holiday hours at our public facilities, please visit

I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season and I look forward to seeing you in the New Year!

As always, if you have any Regional concerns or comments you would like to share, please feel free to email me at You can also find me on Twitter @garycarrhalton, LinkedIn or Facebook. To receive further updates on Regional issues, please subscribe to my quarterly e-newsletter, “The Carr Report”.

Investing in resident priority areas with the 2018 Budget and Business Plan

On December 13, Regional Council approved Halton’s 2018 Budget and Business Plan, establishing our financial roadmap for the coming year. It outlines how we will deliver Regional services and address resident priority areas to support the successful completion of our current Strategic Action Plan.

Delivering value for taxpayers

budget business plan chairs cornerHalton’s annual budget demonstrates how we continue to succeed by putting residents first. It is an essential part of our annual financial cycle—including planning, performance and reporting—that preserves our strong financial position and AAA credit rating.

The 2018 budget ensures our programs and services provide top value for taxpayers while supporting a high quality of life in Halton for years to come. It focuses on:

  • identifying savings and efficiencies while promoting long-term sustainability by reorganizing resources to priority areas;
  • maintaining service levels for Regional programs and services; and
  • making strategic investments in new and existing community infrastructure.

As always, it is based on prudent, forward-looking financial planning principles, and keeps property tax increases for Regional services at or below the rate of inflation.

Budget highlights

  • Children’s Services: $9.4 million increase (no net Regional impact) to improve quality, accessibility, affordability, flexibility and inclusivity in licensed child care programs based on Provincial/Federal funding allocated for 2018.
  • Comprehensive Housing Strategy: $3.2 million increase (no net Regional impact) to acquire new housing units and provide additional rent supplements for Halton housing clients based on Provincial/Federal funding allocated for 2018.
  • Paramedic Services: $1.8 million to address increasing call volumes and maintain existing service levels.
  • Roads Capital State-of-Good-Repair: $1.7 million increase ($1.0 million in the operating base budget and $726,000 in Federal Gas Tax funding) to address rising state-of-good-repair needs and updated costs.
  • Relief Staff Resources: $835,000 increase for the phase-in of additional casual relief hours required to maintain services levels in Paramedic Services, Services for Seniors and Children’s Services.
  • Greenland Securement: $800,000 increase to provide sustainable funding for the Waterfront Master Plan.
  • Regional Facilities State-of-Good-Repair: $651,000 increase to support the corporate facilities State-of-Good-Repair capital program.
  • Waste Management: $490,000 increase for the inclusion of plastic bags and film in the Blue Box beginning in April 2018.
  • Road Maintenance Program: $396,000 increase to support road maintenance contracts with the Local Municipalities and address growth in the Regional road network.
  • Halton Region Community Investment Fund: $350,000 to increase the fund’s total annual contribution to $2.4 million to support community initiatives with a focus on health or social services.
  • Capacity to Prevent and Address Homelessness: $346,000 increase (no net Regional impact) to help prevent homelessness based on provincial funding allocated for 2018.
  • Emerald Ash Borer (EAB): $121,000 increase in operating contributions to the Tax Stabilization reserve in support of the EAB program implementation by Conservation Halton and Credit Valley Conservation.

The 2018 budget includes a 1.9 per cent increase in property taxes for Regional services and a 3.8 per cent increase in the water and wastewater rate to support these actions.

Learn more

Making community investments for today and tomorrow helps us continue to improve the quality of life in our region. To learn more or view the 2018 Budget and Business Plan, visit

As always, if you have any Regional concerns or comments you would like to share, please feel free to email me at You can also find me on Twitter @garycarrhalton, LinkedIn or Facebook. To receive further updates on Regional issues, please subscribe to my quarterly e-newsletter, “The Carr Report”.

Have a fun and safe holiday season

Halton continues to be one of the safest places to live in Canada. Halton Region provides programs, services and resources for individuals and families to make safe and healthy decisions. Below are some tips and resources Halton Region has to ensure you and your family have a safe and fun holiday.

Prepare for winter driving conditions and drive safely

  • Always carry an emergency kit in your vehicle. Your kit could include blankets, a
    flashlight, a first aid kit and snow removal items such as a scraper and shovel.
  • Drivers should also consider putting on winter tires – they perform much better than all-season tires on snow and icy pavement.
  • Visit for more safety tips and how to assemble your emergency kit.
  • If you plan to drink at a holiday party, please don’t drink and drive. Make sure you plan a safe ride home. You can call a taxi, take public transit or arrange for a designated driver.
  • Remember, impaired driving is a crime in progress so if you see someone you suspect may be impaired, call 911.
  • Visit for more safe driving tips.


Follow the four food safety tips

Gathering with family and friends over a meal is one of my favourite things about the holiday season. Follow these tips to ensure any holiday meals you prepare and serve are safe to eat.

  1. Clean – Always wash your hands, utensils and cooking surfaces with soap and hot water before you handle food, while you prepare it and again when you’ve finished.
  2. Separate – Keep certain foods, like meat and their juices, separated from other foods during storage and preparation and use separate cutting boards for raw meat and vegetables.
  3. Cook – Prepare foods properly, cook them thoroughly and serve them immediately. Don’t leave food at room temperature where bacteria can grow. The danger zone is between 4°C (39°F) and 60°C (140°F).
  4. Chill – Refrigerate or freeze perishables, prepared food and leftovers within two hours.


If you’re dining out, check our Dinewise information to find the latest inspection reports for restaurants across Halton. For more tips on safe food, visit

Protect yourself and others from the flu

The holidays are prime time for spreading cold and flu viruses as we attend many social gatherings. Here are simple ways to keep yourself and others protected:

  • Wash your hands frequently and cough or sneeze into your elbow.
  • If you don’t feel well, wait until your symptoms have gone away before visiting loved ones in retirement homes or long-term care homes. Older adults are at a greater risk of complications from illnesses such as the flu.
  • Get the flu vaccine at your pharmacy or family doctor.
  • To find out where to get your vaccine and learn more about protecting yourself
    and others, visit

Enjoy a healthy and happy holiday season! As we get ready to ring in 2018, thank you for all you do to make Halton a great place to live, work, raise a family and retire…and keeping our community safe.

As always, if you have any Regional concerns or comments you would like to share, please feel free to email me at You can also find me on Twitter @garycarrhaltonLinkedIn or Facebook. To receive further updates on Regional issues, please subscribe to my quarterly e-newsletter, “The Carr Report”.

Enjoy Halton’s clean drinking water, anytime.

rethink_waterHalton Region ensures that the 550,000 residents across Burlington, Halton Hills, Milton and Oakville have access to clean, safe drinking water. Residents count on the Region to provide this valuable resource to use and enjoy every day. From laundry to dishes, from bathing to drinking – clean and safe water is something we all rely on.

Halton’s Water and Wastewater Master Plan is our guide to ensure that future generations enjoy the same access to clean drinking water that we count on today. This Plan includes a 20 year, $1.8 billion investment to service resident and business needs in urban areas through to 2031.

Today, Halton Region operates 12 Water Purification Plants across the region (three surface water treatment plants and nine groundwater treatment facilities). These plants and plant operators work 24/7 to ensure that clean and safe drinking water is available whenever you need it.

Our annual Drinking Water Quality Reports show that Halton Region continues to exceed the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change’s water quality standards. Halton Region conducts routine water testing and continuous monitoring to ensure we always meet and exceed the mark.

Ensuring residents have clean water every time they turn on the tap is only half of the story. Halton is also responsible for taking wastewater away, treating it and discharging it safely back into the environment. We also operate seven Wastewater Treatment Plants across the region that treat over 232,000 cubic metres of wastewater on a daily basis.

Water quality, reliability and sustainability will always be a top priority for Halton Region. This, among many reasons, is why Halton will continue to be a great place to live, work, raise a family and retire. To learn more about how Halton is providing reliable and safe drinking water, visit

As always, if you have any Regional concerns or comments you would like to share, please feel free to email me at You can also find me on Twitter @garycarrhalton, LinkedIn or Facebook. To receive further updates on Regional issues, please subscribe to my quarterly e-newsletter, “The Carr Report”.

Employment Halton helps job seekers connect with employers

Halton Region is dedicated to providing residents with meaningful employment opportunities and connecting our highly skilled workforce to employers across the region.

Employment Halton works with nearly 9,500 job seekers and over 200 local employers every year. They work closely with local businesses to provide free job postings, opportunities to participate in job fairs and over 350 high quality placements each year. Job seekers can also benefit from free employment workshops to enhance skills and networking opportunities, including free job fairs.

This year’s job fair will be held on Tuesday, November 7 from 1 to 5 p.m. at the Oakville Conference & Banquet Centre. Whether you’re just starting out in your career or looking to make new connections, job seekers of all experience levels are invited to attend. This is a great opportunity to network with local employers from industries such as government, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, media, retail, technology and more.

Employment Halton also offers programs such as the Youth Job Connection which provides placement opportunities for young people between the ages of 15 to 29, giving them a head start in their careers. For those looking to transition into a new career, the Second Career program can provide financial assistance necessary to succeed.

I hope you take advantage of these services and if you’re seeking employment and networking opportunities, you will definitely want to attend this year’s job fair. To learn more, visit or call 311.

As always, if you have any Regional concerns or comments you would like to share, please feel free to email me at You can also find me on Twitter @garycarrhalton, LinkedIn or Facebook. To receive further updates on Regional issues, please subscribe to my quarterly e-newsletter, “The Carr Report”.