Active Transportation: Making it easier to walk, bike and roll in Halton

It’s important that Halton residents have a safe, convenient and well-connected active transportation network. With more choices for traveling throughout our Region, residents will be able to choose to be more active as there will be more opportunities for walking, cycling, roller-blading, skateboarding and the use of mobility devices. 

Through the creation of an Active Transportation Master Plan (ATMP), Halton will be building new on-road and off-road facilities including bike lanes, buffered bike lanes, cycle tracks and paved shoulders, as well as working with the Local Municipalities to create sidewalks and multi-use trails – making it easier to walk, bike and roll in Halton! 

The Active Transportation Master Plan (ATMP) is being developed to help promote an integrated, accessible and efficient active transportation network for residents, while providing safe and easy options for alternative forms of transportation. 

Citizen feedback has played a crucial role in the development of the Master Plan as residents have been engaged throughout the process through public information centres and stakeholder workshops. We have been working closely with Halton Region’s Health Department and the Local Municipalities to ensure that all relevant factors are considering future Regional Cycling and Walking Networks. 

Halton residents have one of the highest standards of living in Canada, in part because of Halton Region’s strong commitment to being well planned, resident focused and safe and healthy. Our dedication to planning complete and vibrant communities helps make Halton a great place to live. 

Working together we can ensure we have created a Master Plan that works for the Halton community and provides enhanced opportunities for active transportation. If you would like to learn more about the Active Transportation Master Plan, please dial 311 or visit

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