Preparing for severe winter weather

Plan ahead to keep your family safe! The winter months can sometimes bring heavy snowfall, freezing rain and extreme cold to our community. By preparing today, you can ensure you are protected tomorrow and throughout the season.

You can follow three simple steps to be ready for any emergency:

Know the Risks

Step one: know the risks
Identify potential hazards in your area that might cause or contribute to an emergency, especially during winter weather.


Make a planStep two: make a plan
Ensure your household knows what to do during and after an emergency, as well as how to evacuate your home, where to go and how to stay in touch.


Emergency kitStep three: get a kit
Assemble or buy kits for your home and car that include medication, food, water and essential items your household would need to stay safe and healthy for 72 hours.


In the unlikely event that dangerous conditions require you to leave your community, we can notify you using social media, mobile alerts or a call to your landline phone. If you need to evacuate, follow our checklist and seek shelter with family or friends. The Region may also open an evacuation centre in one or more of the following local facilities to provide temporary shelter:

On November 29, Halton tested its emergency plans with an exercise that simulated a severe weather event. We participate in several exercises and drills throughout the year to ensure the Region is ready to respond.

As winter approaches, I encourage you to take personal precautions that can help protect your family, your home and your community. To learn more about how you can prepare for severe weather and other emergencies this season, visit

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