Thank you to Halton’s paramedics for keeping our community safe

When I speak with residents in our community, I often hear stories about how our paramedics have made a positive impact in their lives in some way. Their timeliness, professionalism and life-saving skills help residents every day. I am proud and thankful for their brave and dependable services.

Halton’s paramedics provide our community with a wide-range of emergency and medical programs and services:

  • Primary Care and Advanced Care Paramedic medical emergency response: Halton has more than 270 paramedics working at the primary care and advanced care levels. They respond to nearly 50,000 calls and transport 30,000 patients to local hospitals each year.
  • Tactical Paramedic response: Our tactical paramedics are specially trained to work closely with the Halton Regional Police Service Tactical Rescue Unit to provide emergency medical support during high-risk situations.
  • Bike medics: Bike medics respond to emergencies in small, contained areas that might not be accessible by an ambulance. You’ll often see them at community events such as the Sound of Music Festival in Burlington, the Downtown Festival in Milton and other local events.
  • Community education courses: To assist residents with the knowledge and tools to perform in an emergency situation, Halton’s paramedics have several community programs in place. For example, Halton’s CPR and Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) courses can help residents improve someone’s chance of survival. For a full list of courses, visit

To learn more about how residents can help support our paramedics and safety in our community, I encourage you to visit We all make a difference to ensure Halton remains a great place to live, work, raise a family and retire.

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