Flooding can happen when you least expect it: ensure your home is protected

DownspoutDiagramThe region has already experienced significant rainfall this spring and there are many things homeowners can do to protect their home from flooding. Residents can take advantage of Halton Region’s Basement Flooding Mitigation Subsidy Program which helps make it easier and more affordable to protect your home. The program provides financial support for four (4) flood-prevention modifications:

DownspoutDisconnectionWEBDownspout disconnection
100 per cent subsidy, up to a maximum of $500
Disconnecting downspouts from the sewer system and directing water away from your home will reduce the amount of rainwater that enters the sewer system, preventing any sewer back up.



Weeping tile disconnection and sump pump installation
100 per cent subsidy, up to a maximum of $5,000
Disconnecting the weeping tiles (found around the foundation of your home) from the sewer system will prevent overloading of the sewer systems. Water from the weeping tile will be re-directed to a sump pit installed inside your basement and the sump pump will discharge it outside and away from your home.

BackwaterValveWEBBackwater valve installation
50 per cent subsidy, up to a maximum of $675
Installing a backwater valve on your home’s underground sewer lateral (pipe) will help prevent wastewater from re-entering your house.


SewerlateralPipeWEBSewer lateral (pipe) lining and repair

50 per cent subsidy, up to a maximum of $2,000
A sewer lateral is the pipe that carries wastewater away from your home to the municipal sewer system. Ensuring your laterals are in a state-of-good-repair and clear of debris can help prevent sewer backup.

FloodingPreventionGuideHalton Region will continue to invest in proactive measures that ensure the community can handle more frequent and severe wet weather. This includes investing $2.1 billion in our water and wastewater systems over the next 10 years to ensure municipal infrastructure is in a state of good repair and resilient to withstand heavy and significant rain events.

I encourage residents to take advantage of Halton’s subsidy program and ensure that your home is ready for whatever a changing and unpredictable climate may bring us.

To apply for a subsidy or read our Flood Prevention Guide that offers additional tips to ensure your home is flood-protected, visit halton.ca/basementflooding.

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