Halton is a leader in community safety and well-being planning

Halton’s Community Safety and Well-Being Plan introduced at Nov. 27 Symposium

On November 27, 2017, Oakville Mayor and Chair of the Halton Regional Police Services Board, Rob Burton and I co-hosted Halton’s first ever, Community Safety and Well-Being Symposium in Oakville. Over three hundred guests attended the event which started with greetings from the Honourable Marie-France Lalonde, Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services and featured a presentation on Halton’s new Community Safety and Well-Being Plan.

Minister and Chair Carr

Halton Regional Chair Gary Carr speaking with The Honourable Marie-France Lalonde at Halton’s Community Safety and Well-Being Symposium, November 27, 2017.

The concept of community safety and well-being planning is an emerging practice across Ontario. It focuses on bringing various sectors together including policing, public health, social services, healthcare, education and community-based human services agencies to address issues that impact residents and communities that are vulnerable due to social, economic or health related risk factors.

Halton’s Community Safety & Well-Being Plan  will enhance how we and the Halton Regional Police Service collaborate with community partners on issues that impact safety and well-being across the region. The Plan enhances our ability to respond to issues in a coordinated manner and builds on many successful efforts that contribute to a strong sense of community safety and well-being in Halton.

What do we hope to achieve with Halton’s plan?

By bringing various sectors together we want to increase coordination and collaboration between services, improve access to services, have greater alignment on key issues of safety and well-being, reduce the demand on emergency and crisis services. The Plan calls to attention preliminary issues that may be addressed using Halton’s Community Safety & Well-Being model including:

  • reducing hospital readmissions for individuals with mental health issues;
  • enhancing access to mental health supports for adolescents and youth;
  • establishing a proactive response to opioid misuse;
  • coordinating efforts to reduce homelessness and prevent eviction;
  • improving responses to sexual assault and supporting survivors;
  • supporting youth exiting child welfare services to achieve positive outcomes; and
  • addressing isolation among older adults.
Sympsoium photo_Minister Lalonde

Regional Councillor Dave Gittings, Deputy Chief Nishan (Nish) Duraiappah, Halton Regional Police Service, Jane MacCaskill, Chief Administrative Officer, Halton Region, Alex Sarchuk, Commissioner of Social and Community Services, Halton Region, The Honourable Kevin Flynn, Minister of Labour, MPP Oakville, Chief Stephen J. Tanner, Halton Regional Police Service, The Honourable Marie-France Lalonde, Ontario Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services, Halton Regional Chair Gary Carr, Deputy Chief Carole Crowe, Halton Regional Police Service, Oakville Mayor and Chair of the Halton Regional Police Services Board, Rob Burton, Regional Councillor Cathy Duddeck

Halton’s Community Safety & Well-Being Plan recognizes that the safety and well-being of a community are shared responsibilities. It outlines a model for collaboration, planning and action that will help keep Halton safe and healthy as our population continues to grow. By working together with our partners at HRPS, we strive to maintain our long standing distinction as one of the safest communities in Canada and ensuring Halton continues to be a great place to live, grow, raise a family and retire.

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