Enjoy Halton’s clean drinking water, anytime.

rethink_waterHalton Region ensures that the 550,000 residents across Burlington, Halton Hills, Milton and Oakville have access to clean, safe drinking water. Residents count on the Region to provide this valuable resource to use and enjoy every day. From laundry to dishes, from bathing to drinking – clean and safe water is something we all rely on.

Halton’s Water and Wastewater Master Plan is our guide to ensure that future generations enjoy the same access to clean drinking water that we count on today. This Plan includes a 20 year, $1.8 billion investment to service resident and business needs in urban areas through to 2031.

Today, Halton Region operates 12 Water Purification Plants across the region (three surface water treatment plants and nine groundwater treatment facilities). These plants and plant operators work 24/7 to ensure that clean and safe drinking water is available whenever you need it.

Our annual Drinking Water Quality Reports show that Halton Region continues to exceed the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change’s water quality standards. Halton Region conducts routine water testing and continuous monitoring to ensure we always meet and exceed the mark.

Ensuring residents have clean water every time they turn on the tap is only half of the story. Halton is also responsible for taking wastewater away, treating it and discharging it safely back into the environment. We also operate seven Wastewater Treatment Plants across the region that treat over 232,000 cubic metres of wastewater on a daily basis.

Water quality, reliability and sustainability will always be a top priority for Halton Region. This, among many reasons, is why Halton will continue to be a great place to live, work, raise a family and retire. To learn more about how Halton is providing reliable and safe drinking water, visit halton.ca/rethinkwater.

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