Working together to keep our roads safe this summer

With plenty of warm days ahead of us, summer activities across the region are still in full swing. Whether you’re out enjoying the region’s attractions and festivals or simply getting together with friends and family, please remember to drive safely so everyone can continue to enjoy a great summer.

Move to the right for sirens and lights

Every year, Halton paramedics respond to more than 50,000 calls and transport more than 30,000 people. When they deal with potentially life-threatening situations, you can help paramedics by moving to the right for sirens and lights. By clearing the way, you help paramedics reach or transport their patients as quickly as possible.

Stop on red

RedLightCameraHalton has 12 red light cameras at intersections across the region and will add another five cameras by the end of the summer. These cameras, which take a picture of vehicles entering an intersection after a light has turned red, help remind people how important it is to keep your eyes on the road and drive with care. To learn more about how red light cameras work and how they help improve the safety of our intersections, please visit

Drive sober

SafeRoads_SignPlease remember to drive responsibly and if you plan on drinking, don’t drive. If you’re on our roads and think you see an impaired driver, call 911 to report it. Impaired driving is a crime in progress and one call could save a life!

Share the road

ShareTheRoad_SignThanks to our many beautiful parks and trails, world-class velodrome, and strong community interest in recreational and competitive cycling, Halton has become the home of cycling. This summer, I’d like to remind everyone to share the road while traveling throughout Halton. Both cyclists and drivers have a responsibility to obey the rules and share the road with each other.

Thank you for helping us keep Halton’s roads safe and enjoy the rest of your summer!

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