ReThink Water: Enjoy. Conserve. Protect.

Halton Region provides residents with access to safe, high-quality drinking water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Halton has 12 water treatment plants across the region that provide over 500,000 residents with 62 billion litres of drinking water each year. This water is carefully monitored and tested to ensure it is safe when it reaches your home, school or business.

As our population continues to grow, Halton Region is investing in upgrades and expansions to our water systems and treatment facilities to ensure water is available whenever you need it.

Residents are encouraged to ReThink water, too – Halton offers resources and services to make it easy for you to enjoy, conserve and protect water. Below are some examples:

  • Some Halton residents rely on private wells as their primary source of drinking water. If you are one of these households, remember to test your water at least three times per year. Halton makes it easy by providing free well water sample bottles and convenient sample drop off depots across the region. For more information, visit
  • Protect source water and Regional infrastructure by putting waste in its place. Please do not put household hazardous waste, personal care items or pharmaceuticals down the drain or in rivers, lakes or streams. Visit to use our online tool to find out how to properly dispose of your waste.
  • Halton Region’s annual rain barrel sale is back for another year. ReThink water and purchase a rain barrel at one of our sale events. Visit for dates and locations.

Water quality and reliability will always be a top priority for Halton Region. Together, we can ensure water is safe and available for the over 200,000 households and businesses across the region and keep Halton a great place to live, work, raise a family and retire. To learn more about how Halton is providing reliable and safe drinking water and what you can do, visit

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