The 2017 Halton Guide & Waste Collection Calendar is here

wastecalender-cover-2017I am happy to announce the release of the 2017 Halton Region Guide & Waste Collection Calendar for all Halton residents! This year’s waste collection calendar provides residents with resources for waste collection and information about living, working and retiring in Halton. Some of the information you will find in this year’s calendar include:

  • weekly collection dates from February 2017 to January 2018 and accepted waste materials;
  • tips and resources about how to reduce waste at home and in the community;
  • how to access Regional programs and service that may be of interest to your or members of your household;
  • how to use the Halton Waste Management Site and services; and,
  • information on the priorities of Regional Council and the 2015-2018 Halton Region Strategic Action Plan.

Halton is committed to protecting and enhancing the natural environment through investments in green initiatives and helping residents reduce their household waste. Our services include Blue Box recycling and Green Cart for organic food waste, locations for the proper disposal of hazardous waste and options for the re-use of household goods.

I want to thank Halton residents for their continued participation in our recycling, composting and safe disposal programs. Due to your efforts, 62 per cent of residential waste has been diverted from Halton’s landfill. Maintaining this waste diversion rate has helped extend the lifespan of this site from 2012 to 2044 – saving taxpayers over $15 million by deferring the significant costs associated with building a new waste management site.

Together, we can build on these successes and continue to protect the natural environment today and for generations to come.

Please check your mailbox for your copy of the calendar. To access the calendar online, sign up for waste collection reminders, or to request a paper copy please visit, download the OneHalton mobile app or dial 311.

As always, if you have any Regional concerns or comments you would like to share, please feel free to email me at You can also find me on Twitter @garycarrhalton, LinkedIn or Facebook. To receive further updates on Regional issues, please subscribe to my quarterly e-newsletter, “The Carr Report”.