Practise water conservation this summer

In Halton, we work very hard to protect our valuable water resources to ensure all residents have access to safe, high-quality tap water. The Region has a variety of programs and services in place to help protect and conserve our water and to ensure that water is safe when it reaches your home, school or business.

This summer has been extremely hot with very little rainfall. In order to ensure there is always sufficient water supply for essential use and emergency services, residents are asked to make water conservation a part of their daily lives. Using water wisely is especially important during extended periods of hot and dry weather.

We ask residents to use water efficiently by:

  • not overwatering your lawn or garden;
  • practicing lawn watering in accordance with the odd/even rule (i.e., odd numbered addresses water on odd numbered days and even numbered addresses water on even numbered days)
  • sweeping your driveway instead of using the hose;
  • using a pool cover to reduce water evaporation;
  • ensuring any irrigation systems are operating efficiently;
  • adjusting sprinklers, so only your lawn is watered – not the house, sidewalk, or street; and
  • ensuring only to water plants when necessary.

Even though residents make every effort to conserve during these warm summer months, the demand for water can increase by 50 per cent. If we experience an extended period of hot, dry weather, the Region may enact outdoor water use restrictions.

Halton’s Outdoor Water Use program consists of a numeric colour-coded system, which indicates the extent of any restrictions on outdoor water use. The Outdoor Water use program considers different factors such as water demand, water storage levels, stream flow and groundwater levels and weather patterns. Currently, we are in a Level 1 – Blue water conservation category which encourages residents to participate in the voluntary odd/even water program.

To learn more about Halton’s water, tips on how to conserve, or to check the current water restriction level, please visit or dial 311.

Halton Region is committed to working together with our residents and community partners to protect our natural resources to ensure we can meet our needs today and in the future. This summer, re-think your water use by using it wisely and efficiently.

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