Our AAA rating helps Halton maintain a strong financial position

I am proud to say that Moody’s Investor Service has reaffirmed Halton Region’s Aaa credit rating, ranking us once again at the top end of Canadian municipalities. This is the highest credit rating possible and it helps us borrow for infrastructure at much lower rates, minimizing the impact on taxpayers, which is a top priority for Halton Region.  In July 2015, Standard & Poor’s Rating Services also reaffirmed the Region’s top credit rating. We have maintained our AAA credit rating for 27 years based on our strong budgetary performance and prudent financial management practices.

ChairsAaaVideoWEBOur commitment to being a transparent, accountable and fiscally responsible government contributes to our success and ensures value for taxpayer dollars. To learn more, I encourage you to check out my latest video which highlights the importance of our AAA credit rating.

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