The Older Adults Property Tax Deferral Program supports healthy aging in Halton

OlderAdultsOn July 1, 2016, the Local Municipalities will begin to accept, process and approve resident applications to the Halton Region Older Adults Property Tax Deferral Program .

Designed to enhance the quality of life for older adult homeowners with low incomes, the program allows eligible participants to defer the full value of their annual property taxes. The deferral takes the form of an interest-free loan that lets participants focus their financial resources on their day-to-day needs, helping them manage the rising cost of living. By making home ownership more affordable, the program helps participants stay in their own homes and communities.

When we began the planning stage for this new program in 2015, we set out to help older adults with low incomes manage the rising costs of home ownership with a full property tax deferral so they can continue to live healthy in Halton. Our homes are important parts of our well-being—they are a source of comfort, acceptance, pride and inspiration. Many of us have remained in the same neighbourhood for years, and have created fond memories in these spaces with our families, friends and communities.

Halton Region is responsive to the changing health needs and overall well-being of residents, and this program helps deliver on our commitment to support good health at every age and stage of life. It will help residents stay healthy and independent by allowing them to age in places of their choice, in the homes they built with the people and communities they love.

I would like to recognize the many individuals who helped make this fantastic program a reality, including the Local Municipalities and the Local Councils. The Local Municipalities were integral to the program’s creation, and now they will offer it to their communities by accepting resident applications and providing the deferral to participants. I am pleased to extend my deepest thanks to each of them for their invaluable support. By promoting healthy aging together, we help keep Halton a great place to live, work, raise a family and retire.

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