Standing together to support the community of Fort McMurray

Today, our thoughts are with our fellow Canadians in Fort McMurray, Alberta. By now, most Canadians have seen the images of the wildfire and residents being evacuated. We are thankful for the bravery of all fire, police and paramedic crews that are assisting with the situation in Alberta. We are also thankful for the many people in Alberta and across Canada, who are offering assistance to those in need.

Yesterday, our Federal government announced they would match, dollar for dollar, all donations made to the Canadian Red Cross in support of the Fort McMurray community. On behalf of Regional Council, I encourage you to consider a donation to the Canadian Red Cross to help the people of Fort McMurray and surrounding communities during this time. One of the great things about our country is the kindness and generosity that is demonstrated time and again when tragedy strikes at the heart of a community.

This is also Emergency Preparedness Week, and this event serves as a reminder about the importance of being prepared for the unexpected. Learn more about you can help prepare yourself, your family and help prepare your community by clicking here.

I want to thank everyone in the Halton community for your kindness and support during this tragic event.

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