Protecting Halton’s drinking water for current and future generations

RethinkYourWaterHalton’s water is a safe and important resource for us to enjoy, conserve and protect. As part of the new provincial Clean Water Act, Halton Region is working with residents and businesses to further protect our municipal water sources through programs such as Source Water Protection and the Residential Well Decommissioning Grant.

Source water protection helps safeguard Halton’s municipal drinking water sources (lakes, rivers and underground aquifers) from potential overuse and contamination. Certain activities on land, such as using chemicals, fuels, road salt and agricultural materials, can potentially impact our essential water sources. Halton staff members are working with landowners to help properly manage these types of activities near our municipal sources.

Additionally, Halton’s Residential Well Decommissioning Grant provides landowners with funding to properly close unused water wells (the grant pays 50 per cent of total well decommissioning costs, up to $1,000). By properly closing these wells, landowners can prevent possible groundwater contamination.

You can help protect our groundwater for future generations by:

Keeping our drinking water safe today and in the future is a shared responsibility. Our community will be hearing more about the importance of our water through Halton’s ReThink Water program that encourages residents to enjoy Halton’s safe, high-quality drinking water, conserve and make water efficiency part of their daily lives; and protect this valuable resource for future generations. Working together we can keep Halton a great place to live, work, raise a family and retire.

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