Committed to delivering safe, affordable, accessible housing

As one of Canada’s fastest growing communities, Halton’s population has risen by 35 per cent to over 520,000 residents in the last decade. Under the growth targets set out in the Provincial Places to Grow Act, our region is expected to surpass 750,000 by 2031. In order to accommodate this growth, providing a mix of housing that is affordable for all income levels is critical to ensuring we maintain the healthy and complete Halton communities we have today.

Halton Region has an excellent track record of delivering affordable housing services to residents including access to affordable market housing, subsidized housing (rent-geared-to-income and the Rent Supplement Program), housing with supports (for those in need of physical or mental supports) and an emergency shelter program. The Region invests $26 million annually to provide assisted housing options to low income residents and has created close to 1,000 new affordable/assisted housing opportunities since 2007. We are proud of this important investment in our community to support residents whose wellbeing depends on these important services.

We remain committed to creating more affordable housing in our community to meet the future needs of Halton residents. Through the Comprehensive Housing Strategy Update 2014 – 2024, our 10-year housing roadmap, Halton will invest $107 million to create a minimum of 550 new housing opportunities by 2024. We will achieve this by working closely with the province in an effort to end homelessness in our community.

Access to safe and stable housing is a vital part of a healthy community. As our Region rapidly grows, careful planning and ongoing investment in our affordable housing portfolio will ensure that the future needs of all residents are met and that Halton continues to be a great place to live, work, raise a family and retire.

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