Honouring our nation’s heroes on Remembrance Day

Each year on November 11, we remember and reflect upon the courage of those who have fought to keep our country safe. Remembrance Day is our opportunity to recognize the heroes who secured our rights and freedoms and those of future generations.

The efforts and sacrifices of Canada’s veterans have had a tremendous impact on our high quality of life. It is through their selflessness that we are able to embrace cultural diversity, freedom of speech, a democratic government and the rule of law. While we pride ourselves on our ability to promote peace and acceptance, Remembrance Day reminds us that this peace comes with a cost.

Those who have served this country, both at home and in conflicts overseas, demonstrate the importance of patriotism, devotion, honour and determination. They have taken great personal risks for the good of us all, representing the greatest strengths of the community we share. In this way, everyone living and working in Halton is connected to Canada’s veterans – our society is their legacy, the mark they leave on the world.

Our veterans’ actions and sacrifices are testaments of their hope for the future, and this hope formed the foundation of the vibrant, inclusive communities that we enjoy in Halton today. Through education, recognition and service, we honour the heroic efforts of our veterans as well as those who actively protect our way of life, preserving their legacy for generations to come. When you wear your poppy and observe a moment of silence on Remembrance Day, you honour the past as we look forward to a bright and peaceful future together.

On behalf of Halton Region, I invite all residents to honour those who have fought for the peace and freedom we enjoy here in Canada. Today, please join me in thanking the brave men and women who have courageously served our country in wars and conflicts past, as well as those who continue to serve us today. By honouring our nation’s heroes, we celebrate the values that keep Halton a great place to live, work, raise a family and retire.

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