Halton Region and City of Burlington partner with Canadian Red Cross to support rain storm clean-up efforts

Please consider donating to the United Way of Burlington & Greater Hamilton to help support the recovery and clean-up efforts of many Burlington households affected by flooding.

Visit the City of Burlington Community Bulletin Board to share information about donating items and services to Burlington residents who were impacted by the flood.

Halton Region and the City of Burlington are partnering with the Canadian Red Cross to provide additional assessment and clean–up efforts throughout the Burlington areas impacted by the August 4 heavy rain storm.

Red Cross staff are now going door-to-door visiting homeowners and providing information about clean-up measures including information on Halton’s flooding financial support. All Red Cross staff carry formal identification and wear red vests so they are easily identifiable in the community.

Burlington residents who have been impacted by flooding and have not already reported it to Halton Region are encouraged to dial 311 or fill out the online flooding report form at Halton.ca/flood. Regional staff will assess the flooding and advise what future actions are required. If the flooding was a result of a sanitary sewer back-up residents may qualify for financial assistance in the amount of $1000.

Halton Region has added additional waste collection trucks in Burlington to assist residents throughout the weekdays with their garbage and bulk waste removal including an additional 15-20 trucks that will be added this Saturday, August 16.  Residents are asked to place their waste material at the curb as soon as possible and leave it there until collection has taken place. All garbage bag and bulk waste limits have been waived for Burlington residents impacted by the storm, however, Regional waste collection guidelines still apply for weight restrictions and acceptable materials.

There are a number of community organizations working tirelessly to support residents impacted by the storm including: the City of Burlington, the Burlington Fire Department, Halton Regional Police Service, the United Way of Burlington and Greater Hamilton, the Canadian Red Cross and Samaritan’s Purse.  I thank the many staff and volunteers from near and far for their ongoing efforts to assist the Burlington community.  I also want to thank the many Halton business organizations who are rising to the occasion through providing generous volunteer support and donations.  By working together we can ensure that all impacted residents receive the support they require during these difficult times.

For more information about the flood response, waste collection and financial assistance, please visit www.halton.ca/flood or dial 311.

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