Halton Region’s heat and smog alerts

Summer is here and everyone is thrilled to be outside: biking, camping, exploring, swimming. You name it. It’s a great time of year to be active and having fun. However, there are times when the temperature and the humidity rise so high that we have to be careful to be safe in the heat.

That’s why you might want to sign up to receive heat or smog alerts from the Halton Region Health Department. Last summer the Health Department issued three heat alerts spanning 10 days. That means the temperature topped 30 degrees Celsius or higher and the humidex reached 40 degrees or more, or the temperature itself is 40 degrees or greater.  We also had two days where smog alerts were issued, meaning air quality is poor.

So far, in 2014, there haven’t been any alerts issued, but we know they are likely to come.

Poor outdoor air quality can be a risk to our health if we’re not careful. Those with asthma or heart conditions, or who work or exercise in the heat are particularly vulnerable. So it’s worth getting the alert so you can plan ahead.

For more information on any of these alerts, visit halton.ca/airqualityalerts or dial 311. You can also email accesshalton@halton.ca.

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