Building a Better Halton: Construction season underway

Summer is fast approaching and Halton Region has started to work on a variety of construction projects as part of our continued commitment to well planned, built and maintained infrastructure. As Halton Region continues to grow it is important to maintain existing infrastructure and build new infrastructure that is required to meet the needs of the community today and in the future.

Residents have told us that infrastructure planning and construction are key priorities for the Region and that high quality infrastructure is one of the many reasons why Halton is such a great place to live. Due to smart financial planning, Halton has been able to invest in our infrastructure while keeping taxes low, with eight consecutive years of a tax freeze. The Region’s 2013 Budget included more than $3 billion for the 10-year Capital Program primarily for roads, water and wastewater infrastructure.

Part of the Region’s commitment to infrastructure is keeping residents informed about construction activities. Our Building a Better Halton communications program is designed to help residents and business owners get the notifications they need about upcoming Regional construction projects and identify any potential impacts to them. The program includes road signs, direct mailings, newspaper advertisements, online information and e-newsletters for areas where multiple projects are occurring and/or planned.

For more information about current construction projects, alerts for road closures and lane restrictions, and links to your local municipality’s construction information, please visit

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