Keeping our next generation safe

As a new school year begins, it’s important to remember to share the road while travelling. The roads and neighbourhoods will be busier with children walking, biking and taking the bus to and from school. Our exemplary police force will be out helping remind drivers to drive safely around schools, but road safety is a responsibility of every driver.

Every day, thousands of vehicles drive on Regional roads. While Halton Region was once again rated as the Safest Canadian Municipality in Canada, residents have told us that transportation and road safety issues are always top of mind issues and we take our commitment to keep our roads safe a priority.

Stop on Red  

This year Halton installed five new red light cameras across the Region. These cameras,red_light_road_sign that capture photo evidence of anyone entering an intersection after the light has turned red, help remind people of the dangers associated with driving carelessly and running red lights.

Last year, we surveyed drivers in the City of Burlington, the Town of Halton Hills, the Town of Milton and the Town of Oakville and found that half of Halton drivers worry about getting into an accident when driving through an intersection and more than 60% reported seeing a near-miss accident as a result of someone running a red light. The same survey found that 72% of Halton Region drivers are very concerned about drivers running red lights.

Learn more about how red light cameras work and how they’ll help improve the safety of our intersections.

Watch Your Speed

speedWith our busy schedules about to get even busier with the new school year upon us, it’s critical to remember to watch our speed while driving. Speed limits are in place for a reason and a lot of science has gone into determining the appropriate speed limit for every road in Halton. The costs of speeding can be so much more than a fine or demerit points – it could cost a life.

Take the Pledge and Just Drive!

This year, Halton Region and the Halton Regional Police Service are teaming up to help put a stop to distracted driving.  When you have kids in the car, it’s all too easy to focus on parenting and not on the road ahead. Whether you have kids fighting in the back seat, a phone ringing or you’re so hungry you want to save time by eating while you drive, remember that when you’re driving, your hands should be on the wheel and your eyes on the road. As the school year kicks off, take the pledge against distracted driving and commit to not texting, talking on the phone or eating while driving.

Our Police partners have an excellent program called Halton Road Watch. If you see dangerous or aggressive driving, you can report it by filling out an online form at Police will review the report and may send a letter to the registered owner of the vehicle reminding everyone who drives that vehicle to drive safely. If you have a passenger, ask for their help in writing down license plate numbers so you can file a report and help keep our roads safe.

Through our Drive SAFE (Safety Awareness for Everyone) program, we’ll continue to improve safety on our roads. Working together we can make sure Halton remains a great place to live, work, raise a family and retire. For more information on safe communities, visit my video.

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