Setting budget directions to keep Halton’s taxes low in 2014

Over the past seven years, Halton Region has enjoyed one of the best records in all of Canada for keeping taxes low while maintaining the quality of life currently enjoyed by residents. Halton has had an average zero percent tax increase for the past seven years and the budget directions set for 2014 continue to demonstrate our strong financial management and commitment to maintaining our AAA credit rating.

At the Council meeting on June 10, Halton Regional Council approved the Budget Directions Report and supported a tax increase at or below 1.5% for the preparation of the 2014 Budget and Business Plan.  We are committed to delivering the 2014 budget based on the priorities outlined in the Citizens’ Priorities Action Plan. Achieving the 2014 Budget Directions will require a focus on continuous improvement and cost efficiencies in all program areas. This budget will continue to invest in transportation and infrastructure-the two areas that Halton have identified as a priority. To view the video on these issues, view the video below.

With the budget directions approved, Halton Regional staff will spend the next few months preparing the 2014 Budget and Business Plan which will be discussed at the Budget Review Committee on December 9 and will go to Regional Council on December 11 for final approval. 

 You can find more information about the priorities of the Citizens’ Priorities Action Plan on my YouTube channel at or view a video on the 2013 Budget and Business Plan below.

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