Be prepared for winter driving

Winter weather can create difficult driving conditions.  Whether you are a new or experienced driver, it pays to be prepared.  Here are some tips on how to prepare for driving in winter weather:

  • Make sure your vehicle is winter ready
  • Keep your gas tank filled above halfway
  • Make sure you have enough windshield washer fluid in the reservoir and keep an extra jug in your vehicle
  • Keep a Car Survival Kit in your vehicle including:Booster cables
    • booster cables
    • vehicle fluids
    • emergency flares
    • a candle
    • blanket and first aid equipment
    • highway help sign

Try to avoid unnecessary travel during winter storms. If you must travel, be sure to allow extra time and let someone know your route and expected arrival time.  Monitor weather reports and check conditions before you leave. For provincial highway information, you can call the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) Traveller Information Service at 511.

Before you hit the road, take the time to clear the snow and ice from your vehicle’s windows, lights, mirrors and roof.  Once you are on the road, watch out for the flashing lights of winter maintenance vehicles and when you approach them, slow down, stay back and be patient.  Remember to move over for emergency vehicles. You can find more safety tips in MTO’s Winter Driving booklet.

For updates and emergency preparedness information, follow Halton’s Twitter feed @BPreparedHalton. Visit or dial 311 to learn about the simple steps you can take to be prepared at home and on the road.  Take the Emergency preparedness quiz during February for a chance to win a Car Survival Kit!

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