Tell us what you want to know about infrastructure

Halton residents consider infrastructure planning and construction to be key priorities for the Region. Building a Better Halton, our long-term infrastructure plan will support the growth across the region to the year 2031, with a total investment of approximately $3 billion.

In 2010, a series of focus groups was conducted to investigate what residents wanted to know about infrastructure planning and construction, and how they wished to be informed. That research led to the development of a communications strategy to engage and inform residents, business owners and commuters about the construction projects taking place across the region and our plans for future infrastructure maintenance and growth.

Our specially-branded communications efforts for the Building a Better Halton programBBH Logo have included highly-visible roadside signs for construction work, timely correspondence with affected residents and business owners, dedicated online resources (, print advertising and media relations.

We have recently developed new ways to increase awareness and understanding of the Region’s long-term infrastructure plan such as the interactive mapping tool for construction projects that we are now testing on our website and dedicated e-newsletters for key construction areas, currently Dundas Street in Burlington and Oakville, and Steeles Avenue in Milton and Halton Hills.

Construction affects all of us – on major roadways and local streets, in our newest as well as our most established communities. Halton Region has been working hard to keep you informed about our construction projects and the related impact on roads and neighbourhoods. Now it’s time to tell us what you think about our efforts.

Later this month, we’ll be issuing our next MVP (My View Point) survey to evaluate how effective we’ve been and identify areas where we can improve. If you’d like to be a part of the survey panel, please register by January 20, 2013 at

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