Beach Water Monitoring

Summer in Halton Region is a wonderful time and our waterfront and beaches are some of Halton residents’ favourite destinations.

To help residents stay healthy while being active, the Halton Region Health Department monitors the water quality at recreational beaches in Halton from the first week in June until the first week of September. Monitoring and samples are taken once a week at all public beaches.

The biggest influences on beach water quality are things we don’t have much control over such as:

  • Environmental factors: the amount of rain water, wind & waves
  • Warm water temperatures
  • Large numbers of geese, seagulls, ducks and other water-birds

The full list can be found here.

We can help keep Halton’s beaches clean by following these few tips:

  • Practice pollution-free boating and dispose of waste properly
  • Don’t use soap in the lake water. Soap feeds algae and bacteria, helping them to grow
  • Don’t feed animals or birds, and securely close garbage bins
  • If pets are permitted on the beach, clean up after them right away

So before heading to the beach this summer, call Access Halton for information about the water quality at Halton’s beaches. Beach monitoring information is available 24 hours a day by dialing 311, calling 905-825-6000, toll free 1-866-442-5866 or TTY 905-827-9833. During regular business hours, ask for beach information; after regular business hours, press 2 for health information. Information is updated weekly and also posted on Halton Region’s website at

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