Reusing and Recycling Old Clothing

Did you know that Halton’s waste audits show that seven per cent of the average garbage bag contains textiles such as clothing and linens?  There are several options that exist right in our own community to reuse and recycle these materials instead of sending them to the landfill. 

Clothing in good condition can be donated to local charities for reuse.  Some of the donated clothing is distributed free of charge to people in need including women’s shelters.  Other clothing is distributed to second-hand stores operated by the charities, where it will be re-sold for others to use and enjoy. Visit for a list of local reuse charities.

Old clothing and linens can also easily be recycled into new items such as backpacks, hand bags, laptop covers, quilts and blankets. Ripped and stained clothing can also be recycled with some organizations and turned into industrial cleaning rags or shredded to become the filler for car seats.   Please remember to contact the organizations directly to determine which items they are willing to accept.

Let’s all do our part to reuse and recycle old clothing and linens.  Working together we can all help to extend the life of Halton’s landfill site, support local charities with their fundraising and help those in need.

To learn more about how a local organization called Clothing For Charity Ltd. reuses and recycles used textiles in Halton Region take a look at this three minute video blog from Halton’s Waste Management Program. You can also follow Waste Management on Twitter @HaltonRecycles.

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