Reporting on the Citizens’ Priorities Action Plan

Halton Region delivers a wide-range of services that impact your daily life – programs like providing clean and safe drinking water, emergency medical services, waste management, public health, economic development, emergency management and so much more.  A recent survey noted that 98% of Halton residents are satisfied with services provided to them by the Region and we are committed to maintaining a high level of satisfaction and continuing to deliver services in a cost-effective and efficient manner.            

Last June, Regional Council approved The Citizens’ Priorities – Halton Region’s 2011-2014 Action Plan.  The Priority Areas, Key Initiatives and Key Actions identified in the plan reflect what Halton’s citizens and stakeholders said were important to them.

Here, on the Chair’s Corner, I have been providing updates about some of the key actions and initiatives that are underway to support the Citizens’ Priorities Action Plan.  This spring, we will issue our first annual Report to the Citizens to help you see how Halton Region is delivering on the priorities outlined in the Action Plan.

In 2011, Halton Regional Council approved master plans for Transportation, and for Water and Wastewater.  Over the next five years Halton Region will invest more than $1 billion in infrastructure with $615 million allocated to improving the Regional transportation network.  We will also accelerate several planned road improvements to reduce traffic congestion and the disruption caused by construction. 

The 2012-2016 Solid Waste Management Strategy was also approved by Council.  Halton residents are currently diverting approximately 60% of residential waste away from the landfill which is one of the highest rates of waste diversion in the province based onOntariomunicipal benchmarking. The new solid waste management strategy aims to increase the diversion rate to 65%.

Our first year of implementing the Citizens’ Priorities Action Plan was a success and we have many achievements to report. To follow Halton Region’s progress on the Action Plan visit us at or follow my blog where I will continue to profile many of Halton’s key programs, initiatives and accomplishments.

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