Halton Goes Round

Ensuring the right infrastructure is in the right place at the right time is a responsibility Halton Regional Council takes very seriously. In 2011, Halton Region is making a significant commitment to infrastructure with funding of more than $190 million, this year alone.

Part of this infrastructure funding went to creating the first Regional dual-lane roundabout, at Tremaine Road (Regional Road 22) and Main Street in Milton, which opened in October.

A roundabout is a circular intersection where all the cars drive counterclockwise with a centre island in the middle. Instead of stopping at a stop sign, cars that want to enter the roundabout have to yield to traffic already in it. Even though roundabouts are common around the world, especially in Europe and Australia, there are relatively few in Canada.

Roundabouts have a proven track record of improving safety and traffic flow, while also having environmental benefits by minimizing unnecessary stops and idling. Because multi-lane roundabouts are new to the community, we’ve created a detailed web page with all the information drivers will need to properly navigate the roundabout.

To help educate drivers on the proper use of roundabouts, our web pages includes a detailed flash animation instructional program. The program gives examples of all types of movements through a dual-lane roundabout for cars, trucks, bicycles and pedestrians.

Thank you to all the area drivers for your patience during construction as we Build a Better Halton.

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