Planning the Road to Change together

Do you know what you’ll be doing in 2031? Probably not, but thanks to your input we have developed a plan for what the Regional transportation system will look like in 20 years.

On October 5, Regional Council approved Halton’s most recent Transportation Master Plan called The Road to Change which plans our transportation system up to the year 2031. By approving this master plan, Halton Regional Council continues its progressive and long term perspective on planning for growth in Halton.

Our transportation system is made up of a network of roads and services owned and operated by the Province, the Region and the Local Municipalities. Our Transportation Master Plan looks at all of these components and provides a long range plan to ensure that Halton residents and businesses can travel throughout the Region in a safe and efficient manner.  

The Regional road system includes more than $1 billion in road related infrastructure, with more than 900 lane km of roads, 206 traffic signals and 122 bridges and large culverts. Over the next 20 years the work identified through the Transportation Master Plan will bring the value of our transportation infrastructure to over $3 billion.

Halton’s transportation system must provide us with options and seamless travel within Halton and the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. However, it’s not enough to just widen roads in order to accommodate the travel demand in 2031.  We also need to incorporate new road corridors, provide for cycling and walking, promote travel demand management External Link (such as carpooling) and accommodate enhanced municipal and inter-regional (GO) transit services.

I’d like to thank those of you who have attended past meetings and the workshop on our Transportation Master Plan – The Road to Change and given us your feedback, ideas and possible solutions for developing a Regional transportation network we can all be proud of.

Working together, we can ensure that Halton Region remains a great place to live, work, raise a family and retire.

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