Summer GreenCart Tips

During the recent summer months, I have heard from some residents who are using their GreenCart every week, but are looking for tips on how to reduce any potential odours and pests. It is important that we continue to use our GreenCarts to divert waste from our landfill and extend its life. Together, through our participation in the GreenCart program every week, we are now diverting 60 per cent of waste away from our landfill. This is an incredible accomplishment.

I spoke with our experts from Halton’s Waste Management program to learn more about some of the practical things residents can do to help prevent problems with odours and pests in GreenCarts.  Here are a few tips they shared with me.

Preventing unwanted pests and odours in your GreenCart:

The GreenCart was designed to be pest resistant with a tight fitting lid and locking mechanism, making it much more secure than a regular garbage can or bag. To increase the pest resistance, additional bin fasteners are available to create and/or purchase from your local home renovation store. To ensure materials can be collected, please undo or unlock any additional bin fasteners by 7 a.m. on your collection day. Additional tips to minimize odours and pests include: 

  • Wash your GreenCart and Kitchen Catcher regularly. The Kitchen Catcher is dishwasher safe. Use mild soap and water when cleaning your GreenCart, and pour the liquid onto your garden or lawn.  
  • Line your bins:To reduce odours and minimize mess, you can line your bins with:
  • Keep the GreenCart dry: Add shredded papers to the GreenCart to keep food waste dry.
  • Cover your organic material:Wrap organic material in newspaper or soiled paper towels or place in a cardboard box like a cracker or cereal box (plastic liner removed).
  • Coat your GreenCart or Kitchen Catcher: Sprinkle a handful of salt, garden lime or powdered ginger in the GreenCart or Kitchen Catcher to help prevent pests and odours.
  • Wrap meat and bones in paper and add additional layers of paper to the GreenCart each time you empty your Kitchen Catcher.
  • Clean out your fridge a day before your collection day, instead of the day after.
  • Store meat scraps in the freezer until collection day, if space permits.
  • Do not place the GreenCart in direct sunlight.
  • If using a certified compostable bag, ensure it is completely tucked into the Cart when placing the GreenCart out for collection. The liner’s edges may be used by animals to pull the GreenCart over.

I hope you find these tips helpful during the remainder of the warm weather, and enjoy the rest of your Summer.

For more information on the GreenCart program please contact Halton Region by dialing 311 or 905-825-6000, toll free 1-866-442-5866, TTY 905-827-9833 or visit us online at

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