Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay For Life

On Friday June 10 I had the pleasure of taking part in the 10th anniversary of the Canadian Cancer Society Relay For Life in Burlington.  Everyone in attendance that night was there because their lives have been affected, in one way or another, by cancer.

The Relay For Life is about the survivors. Whether they have fought, are currently fighting, or are a caregiver fighting alongside a loved one, that night was about them. The event gave us all a chance to celebrate the lives and memories of family and friends who have been touched by cancer, and to fight back in the hope of making cancer history.

This year alone, Canada will see an estimated 177,800 new cases and 75,000 deaths from cancer. Today, cancer patients and survivors have strong support networks and the hope of someday finding a cure, thanks to the work of the Canadian Cancer Society.

The Canadian Cancer Society makes a difference in our lives by funding cancer research; offering comprehensive and credible information on cancer, risk reduction, and treatment; and providing support for people living with cancer, their family members and friends.  By providing current information and education on early detection, various treatment options and the many ways of learning to successfully manage the effects of cancer, the Canadian Cancer Society is encouraging, enlightening and empowering residents across Halton Region.

Seeing everyone at the Relay For Life gives me hope that together we will help find a cure. We have many reasons to thank the Canadian Cancer Society and I would like to commend the board, staff, volunteers, and donors who make this important work possible. I would like to congratulate everyone who attended the Relay For Life in support of their families and their community in the fight against cancer. I would especially like to congratulate all the survivors who attended. You are an inspiration to the people around you, and I hope you will continue to take the message of hope and health to others in the community. Together, we are walking towards a better future for people living with and affected by cancer.

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