This summer, be sure to Drive SAFE

As we head into the first long weekend of the summer, we all need to take a minute to make sure that our long weekend plans include safe driving.

To help lower the number of speeding and aggressive drivers on Halton roads, Halton Region and Halton Regional Police Service teamed up for a road safety campaign, Drive SAFE (Safety Awareness for Everyone).

The aim of the Drive SAFE campaign is to reduce speeding and make aggressive driving less socially acceptable, while reminding drivers to be aware of their surroundings when driving. To highlight these issues, Halton Region and the Halton Regional Police Service created the “Speeding Costs” road signs, reminding drivers entering Halton of the costs associated with speeding and the “Safe Roads…Your Call” road signs, which encourages motorists to call 9-1-1 when witnessing an impaired driver travelling on the roadway.

As the Chair of Halton Region, I have the pleasure to sit on the Board of the Halton Region Police Service (HRPS) External Link. As a member of the board, I have the opportunity to hear about the community programs HRPS is involved in with the community, as well as learn about ways we can work together to keep our community safe.

One exciting project currently run in Halton Region is the Community Road Watch External Link program, a community-operated program that gives residents the opportunity to report aggressive and unsafe drivers through a Citizen Report form External Link to Police. 

A new radar speed message board called Speedi was also implemented. Equipped with a video camera that displays speeds of passing motorists, Speedi takes video pictures of speeding vehicles and their license plates. Owners of offending vehicles can then expect to receive a Road Watch External Link warning letter in the mail letting them know their vehicle was involved in a speeding infraction.

Halton Region and the Halton Region Police Service also developed three 30-second public service announcements. Working with Halton Region Emergency Medical Services, one video highlights the proper steps to take when an emergency vehicle is approaching while you are driving. The other two videos were created with the Regional Cycling Committee to help raise awareness of bicycle and driver safety in Halton Region.

Together we can help keep Halton’s roads safe by being mindful of the speed limit and patient with our fellow drivers. As you’re planning your fun for the long weekend, be sure to plan your ride to and from the party. Hop on the GO to get around the GTA, book a taxi, take local transit, or plan to spend the night – whatever you do, don’t drink and drive

This summer, help keep Halton roads safe. Drive SAFE.

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