Halton Claims Victory over the Niagara to GTA Corridor Highway Resolution

In early February, I met with Mayor Rick Goldring of Burlington and the Honourable Rick Bartolucci, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing to discuss proposed amendments to the new Halton Region Official Plan. The Official Plan is the Region’s vision and road map to guide and direct growth. 

The main issue discussed at that meeting was the provincial requirement to include unapproved provincial transportation corridors in the Regional Official Plan. One such corridor was a proposed route for the Niagara to GTA corridor highway

Over the last several months I, along with other members of Regional Council, have listened to the residents of Burlington and the broader Halton community regarding this proposed highway route. Collectively, we voiced our concerns that this road did not belong in our official plan, and that including it would predetermine the findings of future environmental assessments for long term transportation needs in the region. 

I am pleased to report that the Minister shared our view and, as a result of the discussion with Minister Bartolucci, the highway will not appear in our Official Plan. This decision is encouraging, but it is important that we stay engaged throughout the remainder of the province’s Environmental Assessment process.  

I would like to thank the Mayor Goldring, Councillors Lancaster and Taylor as well as the numerous community members that voiced their concerns to the Provincial government. Together, we made a difference. I look forward to continuing to work with you all.

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