2011 Waste Management Calendar Cover Art Contest Awards

Earlier this fall, Halton Region held its third annual Waste Management Calendar Cover Art Contest. On the evening of January 11, I attended an event at the Halton Regional Centre to recognize the young winners of the contest and to celebrate the talents of Halton’s young artists.

Halton’s Waste Management Calendar is distributed each year to all homes throughout the Region and informs residents about Halton’s waste management programs and ways to help protect and preserve the environment.

Halton’s Calendar Cover Art Contest began in 2008 and was designed to help raise awareness about the importance of the environment in children from kindergarten to grade eight while providing an opportunity for them to be creative.

There are four versions of the calendar, one for each of our Local Municipalities: Burlington, Halton Hills, Milton and Oakville.  The winning artwork from this contest will be featured on the cover of this calendar!

This year, we asked children to follow the theme of “My family recycles every day” and feature a Blue Box, GreenCart and to showcase a positive environment. 

Since the fall we received over 220 entries of colourful artwork – a great response! All the submissions were reviewed by a panel of judges Halton Region who then selected the top four pieces.

The contest winners with Regional Chair Gary Carr.
 The contest winners with Regional Chair Gary Carr.
 From left to right:

  • Hannah Zmigrodzki (Milton)
  • Michael Matesic (Halton Hills)
  • Regional Chair Gary Carr
  • Kaylie Mitchell (Burlington)
  • Sharon Zhang (Oakville)

I am very proud of the four children whose creative work was selected to be published on the calendars. The four winners are:

  • Kaylie Mitchell of Burlington
  • Michael Matesic of Halton Hills
  • Hannah Zmigrodzki of Milton
  • Sharon Zhang of Oakville

Each winner has made a wonderful contribution to our community. I hope that they continue to create more colourful artwork and remember to work hard to protect and preserve our environment. 

Talented young people like Kaylie, Michael, Hannah, and Sharon are our future! Their commitment and hard work makes Halton Region a great place to live, work, raise a family and retire.

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