9th Annual Veterans Appreciation Luncheon

On November 1, I was privileged to attend the 9th Annual Veterans Appreciation Luncheon in Oakville External Link. Many gathered to recognize our veterans who fought for Canada and to remember those soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice.

It was a reminder of how fortunate we are to have the freedom to participate in cultural events, to speak openly about politics and world issues, and to vote and choose our leaders. It is to our veterans External Link, and to the men and women who continue to fight overseas, that we owe our thanks for these freedoms we enjoy.

Although we will never fully comprehend the hardships our soldiers faced, we must continue to honour their courage by observing Remembrance Day with solemn respect. We must also make the effort to learn from the experiences External Link of our veterans beyond the official day of remembrance. As events and memories dim with the passage of time, it becomes ever more important to learn from the past. 

I encourage everyone in Halton Region to keep alive the achievements made by those who served Canada in times of war and peace. Engage your community in remembrance External Link of these outstanding individuals and promote an understanding of their significance in history and in Canadian life as we know it today.

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