Halton Region Federation of Agriculture Annual General Meeting

On October 21, I had the pleasure of attending the Halton Region Federation of Agriculture’s Annual General Meeting.

The meeting was an especially important one as the group was not only meeting to elect a new board and review their accomplishments, but because the Halton Region Federation of Agriculture (HRFA) is entering its 70th year as an organization.

Seventy years ago the world was a very different place. In fact, Halton Region was a very different place. It is remarkable to look back and see how far the agricultural industry has come since this organization was established.

In the 1940s, terms like ‘sustainability’, ‘biomass’ and ‘biodiversity’ were not commonplace as they are today.

In the 1940s, the impact of rapid population increases and urban development was not on the minds of farmers here in Halton as it surely is today.

As our community continues to change, Halton Region continues to work with HRFA through such programs as the Halton Agriculture Community Development Fund. Currently, this program provides support for well-water monitoring in rural areas.

Through these types of programs, we are working together to support our farming industry and to carry on our history as a thriving agricultural community.

It is important to remember that although many things have changed, local farming continues to be a fundamental part of our economy. Agriculture is vital for providing both healthy local food to our families, and for contributing to a healthy local economy.

I was proud to be able to address the members of the HRFA who have worked so hard to maintain the agricultural roots of our community and who are deeply committed to ensuring that agriculture continues to be a successful industry here in Halton.

By providing scholarships for young people interested in pursuing studies in agriculture-related fields and by contributing skilled representatives to the Halton Apprenticeship Advisory Council, this organization has continually done its part to make Halton Region a great place to live, work and retire.

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